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You’ve heard it time and time again: eating dinner as a family is essential! But why? Why exactly is it so important that the family gather together, night after night, to chat and catch up over a meal?

  1. Better brain function: spending time with your children has been proven to improve their cognitive development. Just the difference of an hour of parent-child time per week makes an impact on your child’s brain development.
  2. Healthy habits: establish a knowledge and appreciation for health and nutrition when you make meals for the family. It has also been proven that family-made meals improve a child’s nutritional health across the board and establishes healthy habits early on, including healthy attitudes about eating.
  3. Ensure a healthy future: the earlier you share your knowledge of nutrition and healthy choices with your children, the more likely they will carry that knowledge and enthusiasm with them into adulthood. Additionally, sharing other knowledge and opening dialogues on a variety of subjects over meals is a great way to further their education in an endless myriad of ways.
  4. Boost their vocabulary and understanding: talking to your kids, explaining everything to them when they ask, and discussing a variety of subjects in their presence will make their vocabulary accelerate tremendously.
  5. Encourage trust and honesty: the dinner table can become a place of open dialogue for both you and your children. It’s important to establish a sense of openness when it comes to discussions in order to encourage honesty and trust within the home. Additionally, they will develop the skill of listening without interrupting. Even the youngest kids can cultivate this skill.

Don’t give up the possibility of having mealtime be an integral part of family life, for your own and especially, your children’s betterment.