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You are sure to be surprised by the following list of interesting facts about the human body! And by learning about these facts, you may even be able to improve your own health and help those around you to live healthier lives.

More Fat, More Problems

For every pound of fat that you gain, your body produces 7 miles of new blood vessels to properly provide circulation to that tissue. Essentially, your body – your vascular system – expands to accommodate these changes. Be warned, the more fat you put on, the more your heart must work to pump blood through all the additional blood vessels. When you lose pounds, your body can reabsorb the unneeded blood vessels!

More Muscles = More Calories Burned

When planning your workout routine, adding in some weight training is essential. Why? Because muscle tissue burns calories three times more efficiently than normal tissue. So more muscles mean more calories burned, and more fat loss, ultimately results in a fit appearance.

You Wake Up Taller Than When You Go To Sleep

It’s true! On average, you are about a half an inch taller in the mornings. Why? Because there is fluid between your spinal discs that decreases over the course of the day. This fluid replenishes during the night when you are lying down. So, every morning you are at your tallest, and each evening your shortest.

Your Stomach Lining ReGenerates

Every three days, your stomach lining regenerates so the hydrochloric acid your stomach secretes stays within your digestive system and doesn’t digest your own stomach.

Boiling Point: 30 Minutes

Almost all of the human body’s functions produce heat. In fact, your body produces enough heat in 30 minutes to boil one half gallon of water.

Our Bones Are Truly Strong

Human bone is so supportive it is as strong as granite and four times stronger in support strength than concrete. A square inch of bone can support 18,000 pounds.