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Sticking to your exercise routine can be a challenge in the winter. With icy roads, cold weather and snowed-over fields, working out might seem like a chore you want to put off until spring. Don’t give in to the winter humdrums. Here are some fun ways to keep your heart pumping and maintain your health throughout December, January and February.

April Showers Bring May Flowers and Fun Runs

That snow is going to melt away, and your calendar will suddenly be full of 5ks and half marathons. Don’t let yourself be flat-footed; use winter to build up your endurance and speed so you’ll be ready to rock those races in the spring. Set a challenging goal for yourself to keep up your motivation. Is it time to run your first marathon, beat your best friend in the local 5k or set a new record in your charitable fundraising? If you work out at home, put up a few pictures in your exercise area to remind you of your goals. More of a gym rat? Try meditating on your goals during your warm-up. Either way, keep your eye on the prize and your feet on the treadmill throughout the winter months so you can be in tip-top shape for the spring running season.

Try a Winter Sport

That icky winter slush is perfect for cold weather sports. Give skiing, sledding or ice skating a try. Mixing up your exercise routine will keep you interested in the long run. Even a few days of winter sports is better than sitting on your couch for three months.

Head Indoors

There’s no shame in spending most of your winter indoors with a central heating system. If you’re only interested in exercising if the temperature is over 20 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s completely understandable. Winter can be a great time for cross-training or strength building in the gym. Look up a few work-outs to improve your regular sports practice and get in great shape for when the snow melts and you can head back outdoors.

It’s important to maintain a regular exercise routine throughout your life. You should be working out two to three times a week to maintain your bone and heart health. While you might have to get creative in the winter and make changes to your normal schedule, make sure you don’t quit exercising completely.