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Staying healthy on your own is quite tough. Sometimes, we find that doing things as a team or a group makes things easier. Being healthy can be one of those things.

Think about it. What better way to keep yourself motivated or focused on health than making it a family affair.  Below are some habits of healthy families.

Meal prep breakfast and lunch

It’s easier to maintain a healthy diet if you meal prep at least two out of your three full meals a day yourself. This will save you time AND money.

Most of the time when we are hungry and search for food in our cabinets or fridge, we end up with junk food in hand. Meal prepping will help you to avoid that.

20 minute exercise at home once a day

If you have a family, chances are you are busy. There are not enough hours in a day as it is, so why spend time in a gym when you don’t have to?

Staying home helps to make your workout convenient and puts less of a strain on your overall workout goals.

Play together everyday

In the same manner that you can stay home and workout for 20 minutes a day, you should also try to find the same amount of time to play together with your children. Consistency is good for you and your children. Find a specific time during the day that you can all look forward to as your playtime.

This can be anything from playing catch, dancing, or simply running around.